Check out / fines

Students can check out up to 6 things out at a time.

Check out for 14 days (2 weeks)

You can renew 2xs for a total of six weeks. Renew at the library, or online.

Student Fines:

  • Fines are 20 cents per day and max at $20 per item.
  • At the end of the semester all materials must be returned and fines cleared. If there is a balance on your account, a hold is placed and you cannot get grades or class schedules or graduate until all fines are cleared.
  • If you lose something, you will be charged what it takes to replace the item and a twenty dollar processing fee- an art book can easily be $150--return everything.


1 drop-box for books is on the 1st floor by the elevators. A 2nd drop-box is in the library.

Return videos and Cintiq pens to a person in the library.

ILL (InterLibrary Loan): If we don’t have something, we’ll borrow from another library.


Checked-out items may be recalled at any time and, if recalled, must be returned within one week.

Illustration majors- Cintiq pens go out for 24 hours, with one renewal. You can renew online. The fines are steeper on these pens- for every hour they are late, it is $1.00. The max of the fine is $10. The replacement cost for a Cintiq pen is $180