POlicy Talks

All times are PDT

DAY 2 | Saturday, August 8

9:00 IoT Village: Hacking Smart Devices for Fun and Profit

10:00 Ethics Village: Killer Robots Reconsidered

10:00 Voting Village: War By Other Means: How influence operations undermine democracy

10:00 Aerospace Village: Hackers and ISACs

10:00 Payments Village: Identity Crisis - the mad rise of online account opening fraud

10:30 Main Track: Whispers Among the Stars: Perpetrating (and Preventing) Satellite Eavesdropping Attacks

11:00 Voting Village: Heighten Election Security Risks Amidst Pandemic

11:00 ICS Village: Playing with Electricity: Hacking into Distribution Companies

11:00 DEF CON 28 Policy | Ask A Hacker | Request Invite Here

11:00 Aerospace Village: A Checklist for Aviation Vulnerabilities - Don't Go It Alone

11:00 Biohacking Village: How COVID19 changed our understanding of Cyber Disaster Medicine

11:30 Crypto & Privacy Village: Who needs spyware when you have COVID19 apps

11:30 Hack-A-Fax: National Cybersecurity Center

12:00 Crypto & Privacy Village - Differential Privacy: More Important than even in a world of COVID19

12:30 Blue Team Village: Incident Response Panel

1:00 Crypto & Privacy Village: Rights You Can’t Exercise Can’t Protect You

1:30 Voting Village: A Lawyer’s reflection on election security

1:40 Ethics Village: Vote@Home Workshop

2:00 DEF CON Policy| Ask A Policymaker | Request Invitation

2:00 Aerospace Village: Ticketing to Takeoff: An Airport Hacking Choose Your Own Adventure

2:45 Biohacking Village: Towards an Institutional Review Board of Biohackers

2:50 Ethics Village: Federal Trade Commissor Rohit Chopra

3:00 Voting Village: Understanding Cyber Attacks and their Implications to Democratic Regimes

3:20 Ethics Village: Food and Drug Administration with Jessica Wilkerson

4:00 ICS Village: Operationalizing Cyber Norms

4:00 Crypto & Privacy Village: Next level stalker ware

4:00 Biohacking Village: Chinese Military Laboratory Mission + COVID19

4:30 Ethics Village: TechCongress with Leisel Bogan

4:30 Biohacking Village: What’s up with proposed privacy legislation & how to influence the debate

4:00 DEF CON Policy Roundtable - Mis/Dis Info & Democracy | Request Invite

5:15 ICS Village: Industrial Cybersecurity in Mexico

7:00 Main Track - Ask the EFF/Meet the EFA

DAY 3 | Sunday, August 9

9:00 Aerospace Village: Hacking Aerospace Cybersecurity Regulation

10:00 Ethics Village: Blackmail, Extortion and the Ethics of Disclosure

10:30 Crypto & Privacy Village: European regulatory trends for Artificial Intelligence: Same Impact to US as GDPR

11:00 Crypto & Privacy Village: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt about human microchip implants

11:30 Crypto & Privacy Village: What if we had TLS for phone numbers? Introduction to SHAKEN/STIR

12:00 Ethics Village: How to Start a Movement, Hackers Edition

12:00 Aerospace Village: Cybersecurity Lessons Learned From Human Spaceflight

2:30 Biohacking Village: How 3F Printed Protection Was Created by Cuban Hackers and used during the COVID19 pandemic

3:00 Aerospace Village: Cybersecurity meets Aviation Regulation

5:00 Main Track - DEFCON Closing Ceremonies