File and Database Systems

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

About this Course

This course is intended to be an introduction to database systems. This includes database design and programming. Specifically, the course covers the following topics: The Entity-Relationship data modeling, XML, the relational model and algebra; the SQL database language, and functional dependencies and database programming.

Recent Announcements

  • [4/18/2019] Lab4 is available in Homework now. It is for bonus credit.
  • [3/29/2019] Exam 2 review guide is available in Course Materials now.
  • [3/29/2019] 4/1 will be a lab session (Lab3) for Students at Adam State University.
  • [3/29/2019] Homework 6 and Lab 3 is available now.
  • [3/22/2019] Exam 2 is scheduled at 4/8, during the class time. Coverage: Lecture 8 to Lecture 13
  • [3/19/2019] In lab2, EMPLOYEES(eno, ename, zip) is updated to EMPLOYEES(eno, ename, zip,hdate). The current version of the lab2 file on the website is already up-tp-date.
  • [3/12/2019] The due date of Lab2 has been extended to 3/27.
  • [3/12/2019] Lab 2 is available in Homework
  • [3/6/2019] Homework 5 is available in Homework
  • [2/25/2019] Lab 1 is available in Homework
  • [2/9/2019] Homework 4 is available in Homework
  • [2/8/2019] The review guide for exam1 is available in Course Materials!
  • [2/3/2019] The exam 1 is set at 2/20/19 (Wednesday), during the class time. The exam is one-page (Letter Size) open notes. You can print your notes, but the font size cannot be smaller than 10pt, single space. You can use both the front and back. The coverage of this exam will be announced later.
  • [1/31/2019] Homework 3 is available in Homework
  • [1/29/2019] Homework 1 has been graded. If you submitted your homework, you shall receive a link to track your grade. Comments are provided in replied email.
  • [1/25/2019] Homework 2 and Submission rules are available in Homework
  • [1/23/2019] The deadline of Homework 1 is extended to 1/27/19!
  • [1/16/2019] If you see the ""UUID already exists" issue " when setting up your lab environment, please check out the "VirtualBox Setup Possible Issues" file in Course Materials
  • [1/14/2019] Homework 1 and Submission rules are available in Homework
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