Welcome to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for Dragon Ball FighterZ. The focus of this site is to provide basic to advanced combos for all characters and designed to help fighting game beginners and veterans alike. Video examples for most combos and some basic strategy is provided in many cases. Pick your character from the list below or menu at the top of the page.

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Thank you for reading and I hope you found some of these combos and videos helpful. I mainly focus on practical combos that I, personally, can perform online and in real matches. Not all combos listed are perfectly optimal, but are practical and excellent starting points for learning a new character. I try to break down each character by obvious starters, like any beams or special moves or Dragon Rush, 2H for Super Dash punishes and basic midscreen and corner combos. There will be more optimal and higher damage variants and I'll try to update with anything practical as I go.