Tis’ the season to receive invitations to celebrate, commune, and feast!

And the invitation to wait may sound wasteful, quite comical, at the least!

This “waiting” is not about passing the time and giving you something to do.

It’s about “being”- waiting with expectancy—an entirely different view.

Advent is a time of anticipation as we celebrate the coming of Christ!

Is how you’re waiting pleasing to Him? What word best describes your plight?

Each day will be a simple invitation to draw near to God and learn to wait well.

Powerful and practical experiences allow His love, joy, hope, and peace to dwell.

For it is in the sacred waiting that you come to know that the focus is not on you.

It’s about abiding in Christ, practicing His presence, and letting His Spirit move.

To fully experience life during Advent, something has to give.

And when you give Him space to move, He’ll show you how to live.

By Kristen Torres

Observing Advent:

Love, Joy, Hope, Peace

Advent means “coming”. The first Advent of Christ was in His incarnation, which we remember and celebrate at Christmas. The second Advent is Jesus’ future second coming, for which we wait. We live in the space between.

What do we learn from those who waited for the first coming of Christ? How does this inform and shape the ways we wait for the Savior’s second coming?

During this season of Advent, we pause to prepare our hearts to celebrate Christ’s first coming at Christmas. We are given an invitation to wait.

What do we learn from those who waited that first Christmas?

As a Family of Faith, we wait upon the Lord in love, in joy, in hope and in peace, experiencing the weekly rhythms of practicing His presence in meaningful ways daily.

Family Advent Experience Kits are provided by Dawson’s Preschool and Children’s Ministries and available to pick up at the Arendall Building Welcome Center. The kits will be used each Friday leading up to Christmas as a family “experience.”