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About PERKS:

'PERKS' A science fest started since year 2010 as Science Exhibition in Dayanand College, Ajmer. In the year 2011 given new name PERKS a science fest the name signifies "Programme for Evaluating and Renovating Knowledge of Science". As science is an integral and indispensable part of the education system. PERKS emphasizes on enhancing the vision, imagination, creativity and innovation of pupils in the field of science. PERKS is bound to develop scientific approach and create interest science.

Objective and Aim:

  • It aims to promote to build scientific temper among the children.
  • To enhance the interest of youth in research and to stimulate them for the wider implications of science in society.
  • To provide the opportunities for the interaction between professionals and youth.
  • To support the pathways for educational advancement in science from cradle to career.
  • To provide exploratory experiences, encourage creative thinking and promote psycho-motor skills among school/college students through their self designed models.
  • To popularizes science and technology among youth and create an awareness regarding its impacts on socioeconomic and sustainable development of the country.
  • To engage the youth with science and celebrate the joy of science and show the ways how science provide us with the solutions to improve our lives.
  • It provide a platform which intends to inspire curiosity make learning more rewarding.

About college:

Dayanand College, Ajmer, a prestigious college under DAV College, Managing Commitee, New Delhi, has the honour of being one of the oldest and premier institute in the state of Rajasthan, imparting quality education since 1942. It has a sprawling campus spread over 250 acres of land and Agricultural farms.

Situated away from the hustle-bustle of the city, in pollution free serene and tranquil environment, Dayanand College is an ideal place for learning. It offers Post Graduate and Under Graduate course in the faculties of Arts, Commerce, Science, Agriculture, Physical Education & Management. Dayanand College also has Dayanand Vedic Shodhpeeth, a research chair of its own kind, which is successfully conducting research on the vedas and thus contributing to the Arya Samaj Society. The state of the art computer lab provides professional and academic course to the under graduate students. Library, the sore house of knowledge is well stocked with latest titles and the number of books different streams is about 1.5 Lac.


Arayaratna Padamshri

Dr. Punam Suri

President, Dav CMC, New Delhi


Dr Satish K Sharma

Director Colleges

DAV CMC, New Delhi

Dr Laxmikant


Dayanand College, Ajmer

Advisory Committee

Dr Laxmikant


Dayanand College, Ajmer

Dr M.K. Singh


Dayanand College, Ajmer

Dr M.L. Verma

Head, Department of Botany

Dayanand College, Ajmer

M.s. Sanchita Rose

Asst. Prof., Deptt. of Zoology

Dayanand College, Ajmer

Dr R.K. Mathur

Asso. Prof., Deptt. of Physics

Dayanand College, Ajmer

Core Committee

Dr Soniya Joseph

Head, Department of Zoology

Dayanand College, Ajmer

Dr Amrita Tanwar

Head, Department of Chemistry

Dayanand College, Ajmer

Dr. B.S. Shaktawat

Head, Department of Mathematics

Dayanand College, Ajmer


Ms. Taslim Akhter Khan

Asst. Prof., Deptt. of Zoology

Dr. Nutan Kumpawat

Asst. Prof., Deptt. Chemistry

Ms. Narendra Jatav

Asst. Prof., Deptt. Physics

Dr. Asha Masih

Asst. Prof., Deptt. Botany

Mr. Bhim Singh Solankey

Asst. Prof., Deptt. Zoology

Mr. Pradeep Kasaniya

Asst. Prof., Deptt. Mathematics

Dr Rekha Israni

Asst. Prof., Deptt. chemistry
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