David Wood's Photo Studio

Welcome to my informal little website. As the name of the website might suggest, I am David Wood, a amateur photographer. I started my journey in photography as a way of preserving memories, catching images taken on things such as vacations, as a tangible way for me to look back on some aspect of my life and relive the experience, so to speak. Over time it's morphed into a desire to share those experiences with others, as well as a personal interest in producing images I could convert into textures for things such as games, not to mention a decision to experiment a bit and see what my camera and I are capable of.

My current camera is a Nikon D3300, a 'entry level' DSLR camera. While not a top-of-the-line or a recent vintage camera, it has served me pretty well over the last couple of years. However, it was only recently that I decided to actually start learning what it could do. The beautiful thing about the D3300, namely having a superb 'point and shoot' automatic setting, is also one of it's primary drawbacks, as I spent a lot of time relying on the automatic settings and not actually learning how to use the camera. After a frustrating experience with trying to perform some nighttime photography, I gave in and took a few courses so I could learn to move to manual settings on my camera.

While I occasionally perform portrait photography, including headshots and the occasional mature photoshoot, I primarily work in nature or architectural photography, including lunar and nighttime images. I generally refrain from performing digital editing of my photos unless I want to go for a specific aesthetic in a particular image, such as converting a image to black and white. When you see a star trail photo from me, it's a long term exposure, instead of being stitched together, for example. As a fan of open source software, the primary tools I use for digital editing are RawTherapee and GIMP.

Currently some of my photos reside on Shutterstock, while other images are up for display on Public Domain Images. Eventually I will also have some images posted here as well, once I have the site a tad more fleshed out in greater detail.