Death Takes A Bow

Alan Keyes takes a break from his police duties to itch his acting bug in a local stage production.

But he soon learns the theater has a deadly past and ghostly forebodings, including a telegram that seems to have come from the beyond. Who’s really behind the telegram? That’s just one of the puzzles that must be solved after the leading man is murdered during the opening night performance, and Detective Heath Barrington is thrust into the limelight to find the killer.

Among the large cast of suspects is Oliver Crane, the director whose finances depend on the success of this play, Jazz Monroe, Milwaukee’s sweetheart with a secret, and the handsome actor Henry Hawthorne, who has designs on Alan. When Alan seems to return Henry’s attentions, Heath must put his jealousy and insecurities aside to determine what’s real, what’s illusion, who’s acting and who’s telling the truth, before Death Takes a Bow.