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And don't forget my Best Selling, debut novel. What readers had to say..

"A Wild Romp to Save The World." 

"I laughed so hard..."

"Sci-fi wild ride on steroids."

"A grand adventure."

Time Noir

Dr. Freddy Fluid is not your typical gorgeous superhero. His eyes flicker like stardust, he can breathe underwater, and obsessive-compulsive disorder has him wound tighter than a two-dollar timepiece. Freddy knows what will happen one minute into the future—in the next. Freddy’s psychiatrist girlfriend, the ever graceful Grace Whisperer, lives entirely in the moment—in the now.


When Freddy is abducted by an omnipotent alien, he learns the fate of the Universe lies within his brilliant mind, which is as stable as a canoe full of clowns in a cyclone. 

Meanwhile, all over Miami, colorful characters are vanishing, finding themselves afloat on an alien vessel. Elsewhere on the spaceship, Freddy takes an excruciatingly comical journey into his psyche using everything from acupuncture to ayahuasca to balance next and now in order to prevent the Universe from—as the alien warns—kablooey! 

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Book royalties benefit environmental preservation/conservation efforts of The Arch Creek Trust.

The Mermaid of Arch Creek

From best-selling author, David Raymond, a must read for anyone who loves mysterious and hilarious supernatural tales. 

Wekiwa Sawgrass, the beguiling savior of her tribe in the Florida Everglades, along with her spirit animal sidekick, Rainbow, set out to help her tribe escape the poverty of the early 20th Century.

After opening her restaurant on the Miami river, Wekiwa gains fame and fortune and builds her home on Arch Creek, a mystical area once inhabited by Native Americans. Wekiwa struggles to follow the path of the Great Spirits as she finds herself transformed and drawn to a darker side of magic, casting erotic spells upon her patrons.  

Decades later, Anna Phylaxis and her daughter Gina acquire the house built by Wekiwa,  discovering themselves able to communicate with the amorous spirit world trapped under their home. 

With a series of mystical events, an enchanted Creek, and a wild cast of characters trying to unearth its secrets, The Mermaid of Arch Creek is sure to entertain even the most discerning lover of humorous paranormal mystery. 

Can Wekiwa fight off the darkness and fulfill her destiny? What really caused the Arch Creek Natural Bridge to collapse in 1973? Do you believe in Mermaids? Well, do you? 

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Book royalties benefit environmental preservation/conservation efforts of The Arch Creek Trust.


And..let's not forget my debut, Best Selling Novel, It's Like Having Sex With God

Daniel Kahn, a kidnapped, sexy Secret Service agent awakens to find himself miraculously pregnant, hungry, and having to pee; again. A spiritually climactic visit from a shape shifting, trumpeting Angel quakes the blissful retirement of Sam Elliot, former director of Miami’s Foster Care system, leading him on a hilarious quest to find Daniel. 

When Daniel’s ex-girlfriend, the voluptuous Dr. Cindy Vinson, designs a cure for her philanthropist Mother’s illness, family secrets of epic consequences are revealed.

The Angel leaves almost everyone in her path strong of spirit, and weak in the knees, guiding Daniel, Sam, and their comical crew on a spiritually spicy romp from Miami Beach to the Everglades. Can they contain their ecstasy and banter long enough to save the World from a group of gorgeous, brilliant superhumans? Well, can they? 

Available on Amazon- Please click below to check out It's Like Having Sex With God! 

Book Royalties from this book are donated to provide food assistance for families with a family member with a disability, who have been impacted by Covid. 

About the Author

David Raymond is a Miami native, and Amazon Bestselling Author. David spent his public service career directing large governmental social service systems, including the Florida Department of Children & Families, and the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust. David holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, with a minor in Biology from Florida International University, a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling from Barry University, and completed the Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Executive Education Program. Prior to working in the social service field, David taught middle school marine biology, and was an environmental laboratory technician testing Miami’s Ocean waters. 

Following a distinguished career, David successfully wrote over $1 Billion in grant applications, and three novels to date. David’s hobbies include reading, watching, and writing humorous science and supernatural fiction, cycling, experiencing the wonders of nature, playing his guitar, and learning the banjo. David's books are set in South Florida, with locations in Miami and the Everglades popping to life. 

David lives in Biscayne Park, Florida with his amazing and spiritually evolved wife Amy, and their forever goofy Aussiedoodle, Starry. David and Amy are blessed by their children, Mia, a gifted psychotherapist, Abraham, a legendary native fishing guide, their wonderful daughter-in-law, Yudith a teacher and mother, and their delicious grandson, Ryder.


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Bill Clinton and David Raymond

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