Mass Reservations

effective Tue Nov 17


SAT @ 4:00 PM English PARKING LOT (one hour earlier)

SUN @ 8:00 AM English CANCELLED

SUN @ 9:30 AM Espanol PARKING LOT

SUN @ 11:00 AM English PARKING LOT


Changes caused by the state's action today will include:

  • Social gatherings involving people from different households are permitted outdoors only, with a maximum of three households and 25 people, preferably for less than two hours.

  • K-12 schools may not reopen for in-person instruction unless they have already begun to do so.

  • Worship services and cultural ceremonies must now be held outdoors only.

  • Higher education institutions must move indoor lectures and student gatherings outdoors only.

  • Movie theaters may operate outdoors only.

  • Museums and exhibit spaces may open outdoors only.

for more information about the state health guidelines, and state data regarding COVID-19.

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