Braid (video game, 2008) is a sprightly time-magic puzzle game that cannily lures players toward introspective epiphany. Braid arrived at the advent of digital distribution on consoles as indie developers were appropriating the conventions of their popular forebears to craft personal and idiosyncratic statements. It was described indelibly and accurately by rapper Soulja Boy as "Mario in the future".

I painted all the art for the game. (Notably Edmund McMillen of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac produced the original character designs and animations.)

Braid, Anniversary Edition released May 14, 2024 on Switch, PS4/5, Xbox, Steam, and mobile (iOS/Android) via Netflix. I retouched all the art for the 4K televisions of our modern era, and recorded hours of commentary tracks with Frank Cifaldi of the Video Game History Foundation. There are extensive galleries revealing the development of each area, which players can discover through a sprawling new Commentary World. This is both a faithful and respectful update of the original and a treasure trove of fascinating minutiae for the insatiable. Please check it out!

Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure (video game, 2024) resembles a Rubik's Cube stretched across a sprawling landscape of forests, deserts and towns. The main gameplay conceit is the pervasive tile grid that slides with your every step; spatial puzzles emerge organically. Designer Nico Recabarren keeps the novelty high through ingenious format permutations, while Nick Suttner's whimsical hero's journey and oddball cast entice the player onward. A truly gorgeous and emotive acoustic soundtrack by Tomás Batista is characterized by the distinctive charango and stand-out drumming.

This is my second video game as art lead, and once again I'm striving for originality; the world presents in a unique collage format, punctuated by perspective-defying comic panels highlighting Jemma's subjective viewpoints.

To tackle the diversity and scope of locations and graphic story sequences, I shifted to a dual art lead / art director role as we welcomed additional artists Adam deGrandis, André Rodriques, Catherine Graffam, Enrique Bernardou, Lynds Gallant and Rob Lopatto.

Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure will appear this summer in Day of the Devs at Summer Game Fest and Tribeca Games Gallery. Stay tuned for a launch date soon!

Second Quest

(graphic novel, 2015) A girl living on an island in the sky begins to doubt the legends she was taught growing up. By asking dangerous questions about her culture's history, she incites a conflict with the city's elders. Inspired by, and affectionately critical of, The Legend of Zelda. With writer Tevis Thompson.

A Lesson Is Learned but the Damage is Irreversible

(web comic, 2004-) Slice-of-life solipsism refracts into formally restless dreamlike parables of millennial angst. With writer Dale Beran.

Organizing and social justice

Since 2018, when I can I've been doing art for local organizing and social justice causes, including Democratic Socialists of America, the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and San Francisco Street Sheet.

Satoru Iwata tribute for GDC

Our animated tribute to the late Satoru Iwata of Nintendo for the Game Developers Conference in 2016. The emotional live reception was unforgettable. With Raber Umphenour (filmmaking partner), Shawne Benson (score) and Chris Kohler (story consultant).

Hasty comics and more on my Blog

Check my tumblr for more transient concerns, blips and bloops, including Hasty Comics, which are comics made without forethought.