David Andersson

Journalist, photograph and publisher, starting back in the 80’s with the Humanist Movement by publishing a neighborhood newspaper in Paris. Today, David is the coordinator of NYC bureau for Pressenza and is hosting a talk-show call Face 2 Face. The show is broadcast on Youtube.

During the 2000’ he published a multilingual newspaper and then a magazine called DiverCity, showcasing the incredible cultural diversity of the city and addressing the discrimination faced by the immigrant communities here.

Got involved with the Occupy Movement and cover marches, gathering at Zuccotti Park and around the City and was a founding member of Occupy Queens.

Photos: OWS Nov 17 Rally NYC | OWS w/ Kofre and Earthdriver Oct 9 2011 | OWS Back to Zuccotti Park

Affiliated with the Humanist Party that proposed a Real Democracy toward a direct representation, he coordinated the New York Coalition to Expand Voting Rights (Ivote NYC), for over 7 years, The goal of the coalition is to pass a legislation in NYC to grant the right to vote to legal residents in municipal elections.

Coordinator of Pressenza's Bureau in New York

Host of Face 2 Face show

Founding Member of Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection

Since its founding in 2010, the Park has been the site of a wide range of activities that volunteers organize year-round. These activities include family-friendly gatherings, guided tours and celebrations. The Park also hosts personal retreats, seminars, and workshops on a range of topics, including Silo’s Message, New Humanism, and the Craft of Fire and the Craft of Perfumery.


Creator of Artisanal Prints


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David Andersson was awarded the Irma E. Ridrigues Community Builder Award

On May 1st, 2013 David Andersson was awarded the Irma E. Ridrigues Community Builder Award by the Queens Community House in recognition of his work as a community activist. This award was presented to David by Councilman Daniel Dromm. In response to receiving the award, David said: I’m very proud to be the first recipient of Irma E. Ridriguez Community Builder Award. It is really an honor to be recognized by the Queens Community House. Congratulations Irma Rodriguez for 30 years. Very impressive work. Irma, you are a good friend, a sincere partner in actions and a strong minded woman. Thank you for your partnership, kindness and unconditional support. Irma is a very health-conscious person that has on many occasions given us some very valuable health tips that we have taken to heart. This last time she was telling us about herbal medicine and its benefits. It was a very informative conversation and some us are definitely going to be considering going for herbal medicine in the future for certain ailments, as it did seem like the safer choice for some of them. If you would like to know more about this yourself you can go here to learn about medical herbs. And thank you so much to Daniel Dromm for being there and giving me this citation of recognition. It was a wonderful evening. Big thanks to everyone that put the event together.

Photos in Facbook


MOtv June 1st 2020 starting at 18:26 (in spanish)