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"Speaker for Your Brand"

Comfortable ~ Expressive ~ Articulate ~ Authoritative ~ Timely ~ Professional

Inform ~ Educate ~ Persuade ~ Motivate ~ Entertain

A no-hassle dude you can work with.

Upbeat, high-energy promo? You got it.

A voice that can be sincere, trustworthy, honest, conversational, warm compassionate, caring, mature, friendly and engaging? It's yours.

About the Services & Studio

  • I always strive to accommodate your needs and meet your expectations.
  • Large general, technical and scientific vocabulary in multiple fields.
  • Dedicated building with sound-isolating recording booth.
  • Townsend Labs Sphere L22 dual-capsule condenser mic (usually configured to emulate a Neumann U87)
  • RØDE NTG2 'Shotgun' condenser mic
  • A pair of HP Z-220 workstation PCs
  • Studio One 4 Pro DAW
  • iZotope RX-7 Advanced; Zynaptic ZAP suite
  • Melodyne 4 Studio; SyncroArts Revoice 4 Pro
  • Technical post-production editing, alterations, and effects available.
  • Directed session technologies available by arrangement.

Voiceover actor

Audiobook producer

Audio repair and noise reduction engineer

Contact Information

+1 213-340-4190 (Los Angeles, USA)

+1 917-675-3130 (New York, USA)

+011 372-61-88240 (Tallinn, Estonia, EU)

+1 520-508-3555 (Personal phone, SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat)

Twitter @DavidSatterlee @SoundsmithSvcs

Skype: David.Satterlee

Source-Connect Now ID: SOUNDSMITH (ISDN Quality)

ipDTL (ISDN bridge) - by arrangement

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Client Feedback

"David [communicates as] humorous, bold, and adventurous all at once ... channeled through a facility for language and the music of words." ~ CC, Southwestern Community College

"You did a great job... I was looking for a female teacher, but it might be interesting to have the audiobook in a male voice, especially since the authorities in education are primarily male… The tone, level of authority, and interest are about right.” ~ DK, Non-fiction author

"Your audition was awesome. I am of the conviction that you are the right person to narrate my book." ~ EE, Nigerian motivational speaker (2 audiobooks produced)

"I loved it! I like the depth, gravel and age of the voice. Thanks so much for working with this! I'm very excited to see this one coming around and am very, very happy I went with my gut and chose your voice. The articulation is excellent.

"Hey, just listening to the novel again and it's perfect. I absolutely love the final chapter and the drop you did down into the last line." ~ AZ, Author of a "pinnacle-level horror novella"

"Excellent! Thanks for your great work and I'll definitely contact you again in the future." ~ Small Town Global, Inc. (2 audiobooks produced)

"David is the nicest man I've ever met. He's a keeper." ~Dianna Satterlee, Spouse

Let's decide to get to know each other.

I am intent on building

reliable and productive relationships...

especially in the related areas of

e-Learning, corporate presentations, industrial narration, video explainers, and documentaries.

Find out what my comfortably confident style and professional work ethic can bring to your productions. We could make some beautiful content together.

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+1 213-340-4190