Davit Gasparyan - David Gasparyan

David Gasparyan lives and works.

Probably, few people in Polgah are not familiar with the talented dancer, cheerful and purposeful man, the son of the honored worker of culture of Ukraine Romeo Gasparyan.

However, on his 33 birthday, Mr. Gasparyan met not at home, in the family at the festive table, but on the plane. Davit, having visited a little at parents in Pologas, again has torn for a mountain this time in Istanbul.

After several unsuccessful attempts to obtain Ukrainian citizenship, crushes Davit Gasparyan rolled abroad – to show his creative ambitions, to give his dance and directorial talent outside of Ukraine. Now its main goal-to open a Schengen visa, thereby and all the doors in great prospects. David Gasparyan wants to dance in Germany, England, America...

Today he is a guest of our abroad category

For the last six years David Gasparyan has been living and working in Turkey. In addition, during the year, he has 4-5 trips to Tunisia, Egypt, Korea, Lebanon, as well as to Kiev and the beloved city of Zaporozhye, where, incidentally, in the municipal Theater of dance works his brother Armen Gasparyan.

David has his own dance group, but for now, in the period of Interseason, he tours solo.

David Gasparyan not only dances, but also is the director of Dance musicals, acting in the role of choreographer. Therefore, his whole life, as he says David Gasparyan, takes place in the rhythm of dance.

-Our family moved to Pologi long ago, here I graduated from the Oosh № 4. Then he studied at the choreographer in Melitopol, Dnepropetrovsk and Kiev.

Being abroad, I miss my family, my friends, I miss the RDK, because it is like a second home for me (smiling).

I started to dance from kindergarten age, and to teach somewhere since 1994. Then we had to move forward, and I decided to change, gathered a suitcase and went to conquer the sunny countries.

David Gasparyan says that abroad he works on the same scenes as many stars of the world Show-biz.

-I have repeatedly encountered in night clubs of Turkey with Timati, actors of the Russian "Comedy Club", in one of the tourist hotels saw Philip Kirkorov. In the New Year's musical "for two hares" I had to work with many famous artists, including Alla Pugacheva. In this musical I danced as a part of the most popular dance ensemble "VA-bank" in Ukraine. However, it was not necessary to communicate with one of the stars: Everyone was busy with his own business. Repeatedly was the director of dance rooms for Nikolay Baskov in Turkey.

The enchanting and colorful choreographic show "Legends of Love" was prepared by Davit Gasparyan and the 60th anniversary of his father Romeo Gassparian.

-In the foreground, I have dances, I want to self-actualize in creativity, so I don't even want to think about creating a family, at least in the next five years. Life abroad is more promising than in Ukraine. According to David, Ukraine is not included in the dance "ten".

David does not plan to live in London or Las Vegas-he wants to have a property in Zaporozhye (it is his favorite city). But to work-still abroad.