David Deusner

David Deusner is an amateur photographer who loves to take pictures of his family, scenery and wildlife.

David Deusner got his first camera when he was just a boy. He took that camera with him everywhere went, from a quick trip to the market with his mom, to field trips with his classmates. He was a quick learner and a natural at taking candid shots of people and he had a very good eye.

While David Deusner did not grow up to be a professional photographer, he did take a few photography classes over the years and joined a couple photography clubs. Today, he is married and has a family of his own and he loves to photograph them any chance he gets. Everyone loves to look at his photos and many of his family and friends request him to be the photographer at their events since he does such a good job.

David is flattered by their requests, but says that anyone can take a good picture if they learn a few of these simple tips:

  • Use a plain background
  • Move in close
  • Look your subject in the eye
  • Keep your subjects head tilted up
  • Keep the light to the side of your patient

For even more tips, check out these videos below and be sure to keep smiling because you may have your own David Deusner taking candid shots of you!