Hi, I'm Andrew.

This was developed to help others who are shy like I once was.

Initially I wondered if I was silly for creating this extension... allowing people access to the kind of messages that took me years to perfect - to be unique and stand out - and finally go from very little success to being able to get a few phone numbers of interesting girls each day on my bus ride to work. And is it wrong to just automatically swipe right on everyone? Most guys already do, so at least this saves you time getting to the part that matters - real human interaction.

Tinder is already superficial, at very least I hope this will make it more fun... fun messages which give you the shot to actually meet for a date. After your first message, really then it's up to you to be creative, charming and smile - to be observant and read everything they have written. The message I've provided just get you the first step on the way to a great relationship - the rest is up to you. If you are curious to read more, try our FAQ area.

What I thought might take a couple of days took me many weeks of labor - not just the code, but the content and website etc, and so after long enough I decided it was probably smart of me to at least try and make some money and have an unlock feature for some of my best content.

Good luck finding love or flirting or whatever you seek. Please remember that the steps to enjoying online dating are: (#1) enjoy self-amusement - even if you feel rejected again and again, enjoy the creative process and remove your expectation, (#2) to be kind to everyone - treat others as if they were your friends.

And have fun!

-- Kind Regards, Andrew. (aka. "Dancing Owl")