April 6 -- 7, 2024 

Workshop on Translational Research on Data Heterogeneity

@ Washington University in St. Louis



This workshop, as a concluding event for the NSF-funded Focused Research Group (DMS-1951980) activities, aims to address challenges in large-scale data analysis through discussions, training, and exchanges among scholars and junior researchers, with a focus on heterogeneity in data. The workshop will feature keynote speakers, invited talks, a poster session and a career panel for junior researchers. Graduate students, postdocs, and participants from under-represented groups are particularly welcome.


Keynote Speakers

Jianqing Fan

Princeton University

Bhramar Mukherjee

University of Michigan

Speakers and Panelists

Ran Chen

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tammy English

Washington University in St. Louis

Richard Guo

University of Washington

Xinzhou Guo

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Nikolaos Ignatiadis

University of Chicago

Nathan Jacobs

Washington University in St. Louis

Daniel Kowal

Rice University

Runze Li

Penn State University

Marianthi Markatou

University of Buffalo

Hans-Georg Müller

University of California, Davis

Limin Peng

Emory University

Annie Qu

University of California, Irvine

Alessandro Rinaldo

University of Texas at Austin

Adam Wilcox

Washington University in St. Louis

Jane-Ling Wang

University of California, Davis

Emma Zhang

Emory University

Invited Participants

Xingdong Feng

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, China

Yinqiu He

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Sanghee Kim

Cornell University

Juan Shen

Fudan University, China

Ying Wei

Columbia University

Yang Xu

North Carolina State University

Wenxin Zhou

University of Illinois, Chicago

Yuqing Zhou

University of Michigan