Databucket is a flexible data manager designed mainly for the purposes of test automation. It delivers features to effectively create and maintain test data and metadata for extensive tests on multiple environments and various tools at the same time. Databucket stores data in a database as elastic structures which gives you ready approach for constanly changing test data in almost any software development process.



Web graphic user interface allows you on comfortable designing of data structures and provides functionalities for searching and analyzing collected data.


Databucket is fitted out with REST API interface which gives you methods to create, modify and delete data through external applications.


To effectively store data, Databucket use a combination of classic tables with JSON structures. That approach allows for very flexible expansion and comfortable work on collected data.

Change history

Enabling the functionality of collecting information about data changes allows on detailed tracking of creating and modifying collected data.

Databucket is free

Databucket is created based on free components only. This is an open source project. You can use it without any limitations out of charge.