The workshop will take place in virtual format to allow participants to attend worldwide. Participation is possible after registering at least for the workshops (see the registration page in the AVI 2020 website). Please contact the workshop organizers for information on how to attend virtually.

The program is structured in three topical sessions, with 4-5 papers each, and a final discussion. Each paper has 8 minutes to discuss. The schedule is reported below. Please, notice that all the times are in CEST (UTC+2): the workshop will start at 5:30 PDT, 6:30 MDT, 8:30 EDT, 18:00 IST, and 19:30 ICT on September 28, 2020.

Workshop Schedule

14:30 - 14:40 Welcome & Introduction

14:40 - 15:30 Session 1: Visualizing and Managing Data (moderated by Luigi De Russis)

  • Virginia M. Miori. Learning Health Systems: Ethics and Applications of Big Data in Health Care. [PDF]

  • Jon E. Froehlich, Michael Saugstad, Manaswi Saha, and Matthew Johnson. Towards Mapping and Assessing Sidewalk Accessibility Across Socio-cultural and Geographic Contexts. [PDF]

  • Erick O. Oduniyi, Hamza T. Chaudhry, and Kristin A. Abbey. cgen.dlang: An Evolutionary Approach to Design Collaboration. [PDF]

  • Florian Vögtle, Thomas Barkowsky, Saranath Lawpoolsri, Mirco Jüstel, and Peter Haddawy. Visualizing Movement Data For A Malaria Study. [PDF]

15:30 - 15:40 Break

15:40 - 16:30 Session 2: Contextualizing Data (moderated by Akhil Mathur)

  • J.-C. Martin and C. Hamou. Designing motivational technology for diversity: application to physical activity data. [PDF]

  • Karthik S. Bhat and Neha Kumar. Datafication Practices in Personal Health. [PDF]

  • Chinasa T. Okolo and Michelle González Amador. ACIPS: A Framework for Evaluating Patient Perception in the Introduction of AI-enabled Healthcare. [PDF]

  • Jennifer J. Schnur, Alejandra J. Botello, Attina Xueheng Zhang, and Nitesh V. Chawla. A Context-Aware Early Childhood Development Data Collection System. [PDF]

16:30 - 16:40 Break

16:40 - 17:40 Session 3: Data and Equity (moderated by Neha Kumar)

  • Amit Jena, Tim Dwyer, Venkatesh Rajamanickam, Ulrich Engelke, and Cecile Paris. Designing Visualisations for the Emergent Users of ICTs. [PDF]

  • Firaz Peer. Infrastructuring Data Literacy with Resource-Constrained Communities. [PDF]

  • Azra Ismail and Neha Kumar. Data Work on the Frontlines of Global Health. [PDF]

  • Hridbijoy Chakraborty, Bob Bell, Anya Wahal, Shubhada Ajay Varde, Sky Colloredo-Mansfeld, and Rajesh Veeraraghavan. Reluctant Intermediaries: Examining the Labor in Opening Government Data. [PDF]

  • Sneha Verma. Understanding Micropolitan Aspirations Around Technology. [PDF]

17:40 - 17:50 Break

17:50 - 18:30 Discussion & Wrap-up (led by Firaz Peer)