Portfolio (data viz đŸ“ˆ)

Tableau Public Dashboards

Here are images of Tableau Public dashboards I have built. Many of these were built using Makeover Monday datasets, others were independently sourced and cleaned using Tableau Prep. Here is a link to that portfolio.

Misc Infographics and Designs

These images come from various reports I have designed and written over the years. To communicate complex information I like to create ad hoc visualizations. Many of these images are from my work in graduate school, and others were from from business reports I have designed.

Illustrator & Data Visualization

Building out visualization in Illustrator is a new practice for me. Although the tool is not designed for this purpose (and can be frustrating as a result), it allows an incredible amount of freedom when designing visuals.

Branded SEO Dashboards

These were a selection from a set of dashboards I built for a client doing marketing and SEO. I built these dashboards to allow a quick and easy way for their clients to access and view (nearly) real time website performance.

Management Dashboards

These dashboards were built for a company wanting a better way to monitor employee productivity using Harvest data. The first dashboard was for management to track employee hours and pacing. The second dashboard was for employees to view project productivity and progress.

Google Analytics

This is a Google Analytics dashboard that I built to monitor website activity for the Glasgow School of Art. This dashboard was designed to be interactive, and was also designed to be sent as a PDF in a weekly email. The visuals here are in line with the GSA branded website aesthetics.

COVID-19 Tracker

This was a public website that I built in early 2020. Most of these charts were completed using Google Data Studio and Google Big Query, several were built using Tableau. With this site I tried to create a variety of engaging content that would help a viewer understand what the situation was regarding the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a link to the website.

Corporate KPI Dashboard

This was an internal website that I built using Google Data Studio and Sheets for tracking all aspects of activities in the business including revenue, expenses, website analytics, employee performance, orders by client and orders by geographic region. This interactive dashboard was intended to provide a high level overview of company performance at any given moment, to better inform decision makers and guide strategy. (these pictures have been obscured, but I am able to get full access if you would like to review this project)

Useful Links and Sites

Here is a selection of links to a few websites to help understand some of my projects, design style, and visualization interests. "JKW Projects" is my own brand that I am developing and "Rough Cut Desks" is a subsidiary.

Tableau Public profile
Personal website
COVID-19 tracking website