Data Science Seminar

Mathematics Department

Colorado State University

About the Seminar

The aim of this seminar is to to discuss and learn about the broad area of data science that includes data analysis and visualization, machine learning, statistical methods, optimization, information theory, mathematical modeling. The seminar features research talks, expository talks, informal discussions and workshops for tools highly used in the field of data science.

Time & Place

In Spring 2021, we will meet virtually over Zoom! Time: Bi-weekly, Thursdays @ 1pm (starting Jan. 28).


The seminar is organized by Lara Kassab and Lander Ver Hoef, graduate students at the mathematics department of Colorado State University.

Email list

If this seminar interests you and you would like to be notified of upcoming speakers, you can join our email list by emailing Lara Kassab or Lander Ver Hoef.


The seminar features talks given by graduate student, post-doc, and faculty speakers. If you are interested in giving a talk or a workshop please email Lara Kassab or Lander Ver Hoef. The time slot for talks is 60 minutes, but we encourage 50-minute talks to allow for questions and discussions.


For questions about the seminar series, please feel free to email Lara Kassab.