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This data recovery Irvine service understands the importance of the data of the customer. This company has got 15 years of experience in handling the data of the customer and they have also helped to recover thousands of gigabyte of data and offers data recovery services. There are hundreds and thousands of satisfied clients who approached this business for the various types of issues with the data issues such as fire and flood data loss and accidental loss, which were thought to be unrecoverable due to the damage that was inflicted upon them. Because of their top quality service provided to the customers, they have got a customer retention rate of 99% and they have also received over 80% customer referrals from the customers they have served.

This company recognizes that not every hard drive data recovery project requires the hand on approach of this company. This is the reason why this company provides with the easy to use software. This software helps the customer to recover the damaged data from the logical crash and data deletion. However, this business recommends the customers, who faced the crisis with the data to call them first and get further help with the data recovery.

Hard Disk Recovery Irvine

The data recovery technicians are experienced and they are always on call 24 hours and they also return the call 7 days every week and they make sure that the customers get the best service from them and the updates are also provided quickly for all the jobs. This company offers the most efficient and affordable services to the customers and they are the only company in the industry to solely offer 24 hours turnaround on the RAID recovery works and also the overnight expedited hdd recovery shipping. The customers don’t need to pay for the hard drive recovery diagnosis.

The customers will first need to consult with the company, so that they are put on the right track, which will effectively help to retrieve the data that has been lost. This company charges flat rate prices for the hard drive recovery services. They will also provide with the solid estimate before the customer decides to ship their hard drive to the company. If by any chance this company is not able to recover the data, they will not charge any amount of money from the customers.

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Some of the professional enterprise solutions, other than the hard drive recovery service include RAID 5 Data recovery, RAID 10 data recovery, repair of the MS Exchange and also the sun Solaris servers and Oracle and the SQL databases. One of the main specialty of this company, since the time this company was first established and it continues to round out their service portfolio of the emergency data recovery service.

Another important focus for this company is portable media. They have got years of experience with the recovery of the files and also data from various types of media such as: DLT, DAT tape, ZIP and Jaz Disks, CD, DVD and other types of formats and also data recovery raid. One of the most recognized specialties of this hard drive recovery business is the RAID Array recovery. There are also various more complex server repair services and these are: Oracle, SQL database and also MS exchange recovery. One of the top priorities of this company is the restoration and the repair of the RAID array.

Drive Recovery Irvine

This company makes sure to use safe RAID recovery method when carrying out the repair work. They also have got the experience of working with a variety of major brand of RAID system and they also offer an industry unique turnaround of 24 hours on the RAID repairs. This company also offers repair services such as: Mac data recovery, hard drive data recovery, Dell power Edge server recovery, HP ProLiant RAID Configurations etc.

This power edge recovery company also offers free business pickups and also offers free business hard drive pickup and free data recovery pickup as well, and the latter service is for the RAID issues in Los Angeles. The facilities of this business host a class 100 clean rooms. These rooms are to facilitate the hard drive recovery and various types of data recovery service options for the customers. To get the pickup from this company, the customers will need to call the company up via the toll free number, which is provided in the website of the company.

The facility of this company holds the repair works and this is done by the staff of the technicians. They are personally assigned to the customers and this is for every step of the way, throughout the whole process. For the flat quote rate, the customer will need to contact the website of the company.

To know more about their services, one can dial up toll free helpline: 1-866-341-HDRG (4374) and visit their website at

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