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Lets face it, iOS devices are pretty much all the same. All the homescreen icons are the same, they all have the same one App Store. This is where Jailbreak comes in. Jailbreaking lets you do things you couldn't do before on your iOS device. A few options are: Place icons anywhere, change from squares to circles, add more space for icons, etc. Those are just the homescreen options. With Jailbreak, there are many more things you can do.


The Android Open Source Project is a widely available operating system. It can run on Phones, Tablets, Watches, TVs, Cars, and even PCs. Being open source, Android is easy to modify. Unlocking the bootloader lets you install a custom ROM on your device, such as Lineage OS. Rooting lets you modify system files and settings, such as the boot animation, or which button does what.

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