Hi, My name is Ruby Caroline Lilo Malia. I'm a 17 year old trans woman, and a senior at Hartford High School.

I started DasMobile back in February 2016. I run the business, and personally do all the repairs, so I can be sure they are done correctly.

All profits go towards helping me transition, including gender-affirming clothing and the like.

My goal is to help you save money on repairs, while decreasing e-waste.

By keeping your tech out of the landfill, it helps bit by bit to slow e-waste, and the associated pollution.

By using DasMobile, you are helping the environment, supporting a local business, and saving money.

Thank you for choosing DasMobile.

Please Note:

I'm not officially licensed or certified by any

manufacturer to repair electronics; However, I do possess the

knowledge and experience to bring optimal customer satisfaction.

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