Part 1

On a cold rainy September night, Detective Collins got a phone call from his assistant James. Despite being a detective he didn't get many calls at this hour. Most of the time they wait till the morning after he got his morning coffee at the bureau. If the bureau was calling at this hour then it had to be for an urgent reason. Collins picked up the phone and answered with a hoarse voice. “This better be good,” he spoke in a somewhat annoyed manner. He followed the conversation with “I understand” and “see you in a few”. After which he ended the call. He got up into an upright sitting position and sighed as he rubbed his eyes with both his hands. “Who was it?” His wife asked. “Work,” Collins answered abruptly as he got out of the bed to dress. The wounds of their argument hours before were still fresh. “Of course.” She answered as she turned over to face away from Collins. Collins answered with a sigh. A sigh that screamed both exhaustion and frustration at the same time. “We’ll talk when I get back.” Collins continued as he fastened his detectives badge on his belt. He was answered with a silence which annoyed him. He closed the bedroom door behind him and hung his head low in defeat. He made his way to the front door through the dark. Picked up his coat from the coat rack. And just as he was about to open up the front door a car pulled up in his driveway. He straightened himself up, took in a deep breath and opened the front door to step outside. The air was chilly and there was no breeze. The electric car came to a stop a few meters from where he was standing. Collins walked over to the passenger's seat and proceeded to step in.. “Morning chief”, James began as he pointed Collins to a cup of black coffee in one of the car’s cup holders. “Good morning? What time is it? “ Collins asked a bit distraught. “Just a few over 3” James pointed on the dashboard of the car after which he proceeded to turn the car around. “Jesus Christ James! I am getting too old for this.” Collins said in an annoyed fashion and proceeded to sip his lukewarm coffee. “I can see that,” James said with a grin on his face.“Don't push it, James, I haven't had any coffee yet. So what's so important you had to wake me up in the middle of my rest.” Collins said with a frown on his face while he looked out the window at his house as James drove off silently. “I don't know boss. Martha called me an hour ago and said she needs us at the Science Park there has been a massacre.” James said worriedly.“Does the media know?” Collins asked without looking at his partner.“Well I have been listening to the news channel on the radio and the only thing they are playing right now is Bowie.” He said while pointing at the center console with one hand. “ Goddamit, James you did not mute Major Tom. Never mute David Bowie for me. Yess?” Said Collins annoyed at James while he glared at him. “I didn't know you liked him.” James apologized as he turned up the volume causing David Bowie's space oddity to play from the car speakers.“Who doesn't..., James, stop talking, you're embarrassing yourself,” Collins answered quietly as he kept sipping from his cup.“How did it go with the wife?” James asked after a while to break the silence between the two. Don’t want to talk about it,” Collins answered coldly. “I can respect that,” James answered him with a straight face. For the remainder of the trip, the duo sat in silence which eventually got broken by a sudden rainfall. “Great,” James said annoyed as the automatic window wipers of the car kicked in.
“We interrupt the program to bring you some breaking news. Just now our field reporter Natalie Grey informed us of a massacre which occurred at The Lincoln Science Park.” came from the car speakers under the muffled sound of raindrops on the roof and windows of the car. "
“Well, there goes David,” Collins said in defeat.“We're here boss.” James interrupted him as he pulled into a car park with a lot of flashing lights that flickered through the rain. “Bring us as close as possible, I don’t want to walk in the rain,” Collins ordered James. The car came to a full stop behind a swat van and the two sat in silence. “What are we waiting for ?” Collins asked James.James didn’t answer but just stared at the flashing light that formed sapphires and rubies on the car window with the aid of the raindrops. James turned off the engine of the car and with it the large front car console. “Is this your first James? A massacre?” Collins asked.“My sister was a victim of the railroad bombing a couple of years ago.” He said in a defeated tone. He hung his head low. Collins turned to James. “If you want to sit this one out I understand. But if you want to come, I am not sure what’s waiting for us there but I can assure you it won’t be pretty. You might want to prepare yourself, James,“ he said in a serious tone with pauses which only underlined the fact that what’s about to come won’t be pretty. He threw his head back into his seat and proceeded to take in a deep breath. Collins recalled the scene of the railroad bombings a couple of years ago. Some sick psycho placed powerful explosive inside homeless and stray animals, released them at the busiest train station and blew it all up. They never figured out who it was. He turned to look at James who held the steering wheel tightly."I can only imagine what you're going through." Collins thought but didn't say. He closed his eyes took some deep breaths, clenched his teeth and stepped outside and walked towards the entrance of the main building, covering his head beneath his coat. After a second or ten, James followed him.The duo jogged towards the building the cops surrounded. Their feet splashed water around since the rain did not show any signs of stopping. A cop in a clear raincoat stopped them before a yellow police tape. They weren’t the only one there. The building was also surrounded by the press. Fighting like ants to get some information from anyone that looked like an authority figure. Including both the detectives. After seeing their badge the cop allowed them past the police line and they walked inside the large building which laid on the outskirts of the car park. Collins caught James tucking away his cross necklace back inside his shirt from the corner of his eye. He never suspected him to be a believer. He wanted to ask it but didn’t. Another cop pointed the detectives towards the crime scene in the colossal building. As they got closer the scenery changed from clean and white walls everywhere to stains of blood in every direction. Both of them saw a crew huddled around what seems to be a body decapitated. “Jesus,” Collins whispered.“Where is Martha?” he asked one of the investigators collecting samples from the body who directed them towards a room which also was the busiest one in terms of camera flashes.As Collins walked closer he could smell the ironish meaty aroma from the bodies. He covered his nose with a handkerchief he had in the inner pocket of his coat and walked towards the room. He then saw Martha at the center of the room kneeling in front of a lifeless woman sitting against a wall. As Collins walked closer and closer he looked around the room to find more corpses, most of which were heavily mutilated. As he approached Martha carefully not to step in the many pools of blood contrasting the white floor, he noticed another much older man lying between her and the woman.“What happened here, Martha?” Collins asked with a quiet distraught voice.“I don't know Collins but I think that might help.” She answered nonchalantly while pointing towards a tripod. “She recorded herself?” James asked from behind Collins. To which Martha answered with a short “yep”. “Why?” Collins continued with a disgusted look on his face while he took in the image of the woman in. The woman on the floor against the wall was surrounded by a pool of blood. With large stains behind her. She had bullet holes on almost every part of her body except her face. The blood beneath her had a peculiar red-brownish color to it and had a strange aroma to it. “Looking at the setting I don't think she was a masochist so my bet is she left a message. What do you think Collins? Not masochist, perhaps an exhibitionist?” Martha said sarcastically with annoyance in her voice while she continued with examining the body.When Collins didn’t answer she continued:” Well I’m hoping for a message. I got a press conference in a few hours and I am hoping the tape makes some things clearer. ““Alright, where is the camera?” Collins finally asked with a serious face as he examined the man lying in front of the woman. The man had perhaps the worst of it all. His body was chopped and ripped open from the face down. There were also some syringes around him and some were still stuck in his body. Collins walked around the two bodies careful not to step in one of the many pools of blood. “Jesse is uploading the footage to secured servers,” Martha answered as she stood up to face Collins while he walked over towards her. “So what do you think?” She asked him with a nonexpressive face. To which Collins just stared at her.“Nothing? Come on Collins you’re better than this, take a look at this. Look at the bullet entries. A normal person falls when they have 2 in their chest. She has I don’t know how many. “ Martha went on. “I have a theory?” Collins broke her off. Partly to shut her up, but mostly not to let his ego and respect get hurt by her in front of the others. “Theory? This is an experiment that went horribly wrong! It’s textbook.” James exclaimed as he gagged forcing him to shut up. “Before I say anything I want to see the footage of the camera she recorded herself with. And the security footage of the building. And I think scientists keep journals. I need those as well.” Collins demanded with an authoritative tone as he looked at James. James understood and took a zigzag course out of the white room. “The rookie might have a point.” Martha said as she looked at the two bodies on the floor.”“Alright, whatever happened here I'll figure it out,” she said to them as she walked passed Collins towards the exit. “Where are you going?” Collins asked while still being fixated on the bodies. “There’s nothing here for us, come on let's talk to Jesse. Let the investigators collect what they need to collect“ She answered while gestured him to follow.
Collins followed Martha to one of the FBI vans outside the building. The rain had stopped, the air was cold and the rain puddles on the parking lot formed small mirrors on which the police lights reflected. Just as they stepped outside they found James puking in one of the bushes at the side of the building. “James, you okay?“ Martha shouted as she strode towards him.“I'm sorry I couldn't find .. James said in between his puking and gag sessions. Collins stared at the two from a distance being glad for his dirty handkerchief that smelled of his sweat, to mask the stench that made James sick. After James calmed down the trio stepped into the van. “Let’s see what you got Jesse,” Collins said in a calm but demanding tone.“Hey chief, I just pulled the security footage. Apparently, there was only one in the hallway. Companies like these are scared they might get hacked, or worse. So that's why, if you were wondering. But here is the... well interesting part. At twelve-thirty this morning. “ Jesse talked in a fast manner and stopped only if he wasn’t sure of the right wording,
The monitor showed the girl jumping from the wheelchair she was pushed on after which she continued to press her elbow against one of the men his throat who happened to be standing in her reach. She kept pressing until his neck got crushed to a pulp after which she just ripped it off. Other people rushed to the man his aid but just as they grabbed her they got pushed away with a force that sent them flying across the hallway.
“Pause” Martha almost shouted and Jesse complied instantly with a push of a button.“What is that?” Is that some kind of a fin? There on her arm.” She asked as she leaned towards the monitor. James got sick to his stomach. He didn't want to look weak and scribbled notes intensively in his small pocket size notebook to distract himself from the on-screen slaughter.“Keep playing Jesse,” Collins said with a disgusted face.
After the decapitating the man, the woman pressed a large red button next to the man. Her arms seemed to have grown some peculiar fins on the posterior side of her forearm.
“That button locks down the entire section. In case of some outbreak. Can only be unlocked from the outside. Makes you wonder what they were up to huh?” Jesse said after he paused the video.“Wait so you’re saying that, that button is to lock the site in case of an outbreak. But she’s the outbreak. She locked herself in. Why?” Martha asked confused. “Cause she wasn’t planning on surviving,” Collins answered kill.
The occupants of the van went quiet and for a split second, only the whirring of the computers could be heard until Jesse broke the silence again. “After she pressed the button for some reason the cameras went off. I haven’t figured out if that's just a design flaw in their system or some other reason.” He said with a straight face as he tapped the girl's face on the screen who was directly looking at the camera. “When the authorities came and unlocked this happened.” He continued with a series of clicks and computer commands which showed a first-person view of one of the soldiers.
“What you're watching is cam footage of one of the Exo suits of the soldiers,” Jesse explained.The monitor showed footage of the bloody scenery the trio just came from with one exception.
The girl was still alive and her skin had a strange blue tint. She was injecting some kind of medicine inside the man's chest that they found on the ground in front of her. The man seemed to be lying lifeless on the floor.“Step away from the man! I will open fire if you do not move away from the man!” The soldier shouted. She stopped looked straight at the soldier and started stabbing the man on the floor with her fins as she laughed maniacally.The soldier shot her in her shoulder close to her neck. When that didn't stop her, more and more shots were fired. Eventually, after a while, she stopped and fell back on the wall behind her which in the meantime was splattered with blood.
“Wait there she said something, go back!” Martha exclaimed. “Can you zoom in?”“I can try,” Jesse answered with a series of clicks. “I can’t, the footage is too blurry. But looks like a word with 2 vowels.” He said after a while as he played the footage in slow motion. “What do you mean?” Collins asked out of curiosity. He was now the one leaning towards the monitor. “Look at her mouth. Open, close, open. “ He said as he played the footage frame by frame. “Can be everything. Awa, Oda, Udo. Etcetera.” Jesse explained as he hovered over her blurry face with the mouse cursor.“Could you go back even further,” James said out of the blue.“Now play it frame by frame. ““Look there are 2 different types of flashes. You got yellowish from the guns. And another white one which seems to be originating from the girl.” James pointed out. “Electricity,” Collins said under his breath.“Electricity, why, how?” Martha asked with flabbergasted frustration.“Jesse I want to see the camera footage.” Collins ignored her.

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