Pre-Week True Colors Lab

August 27-August 31

HOMEWORK: "Atmosphere Layers" Pre-reading on page 6 of their science notebook. Students must answer the 5 questions and label the diagram by Friday.

Make-up HOMEWORK: SEVERAL STUDENTS ARE MISSING THESE FORMS. They CANNOT participate in Science Labs without a science safety contract (DUE ASAP):

  • Student Contract
  • Parent Letter
  • Science Safety Contract

Classwork (8/28-8/30): Students will be taking a personality quiz and writing a lab report on the data they collect. Below is a picture of what their lab will look like before they fill in data (except for the conclusion, that is mine). If your student is absent 8/28, you can help them set this up in their notebook and if you want, you can have them take the personality quiz to calculate their color by clicking here. The quiz is on pages 2-4 of the document.