Dark Heart

Designing and Building, from a different point view...


I like projects that are common and simple as well as extraordinary and complex. I like to find the best solution for a challenge.


I do metal, wood, plastic, and other material fabrication. I design, render and draft in various forms. Graphic design, furniture design, rapid prototyping, and anything else that accomplishes the project.


When I went to college I had no aspirations of designing anything professionally. But over time, I started to get the itch. How I wanted to light shows. How to convey emotion through lights and sets. I wanted my designs to be more than standard fare college designs. So I created a company. A few fellow designers did the same. It was never meant to go anywhere beyond our group. But when I left college and started designing and building professionally, it was handy to have a business name I could use to sound like an established company. So I built a website and printed business cards and low and behold I was in business.

Over time I started expanding my interests and incorporating them into my business. I started showing my non-work related photography and so I started the website f/f photography, and Instagram account ffaelan. When I started Blogging a few years ago, I called my blog Walking My Mind. Now it has a website and Instagram account as well. I have a few other ventures that may eventually be a part of this enterprise. But for now, enjoy.