I have designed this website as a means of providing supplemental instruction for all of my learners. In short, this website will allow you to have additional resources to reference when you practice. All you need is a computer, or a smart device. Here, you will find that you all have an entire page dedicated to our work in music together! Just go to the tab that is titled with your name. Materials implemented in our time together will be made available to you here. Topics, techniques, and methods discussed in our private lessons will be made available to you here in the form of videos with written descriptions to accompany them. I'll also add additional documents such as PDFs for tabs, chord charts, etc. I will also do lesson recapitulations where I will address what needs to be worked on for that week with a practice checklist for your viewing.



You! Me! All of us! We may not think about it, but we all learn everyday. We learn about ourselves, and the world we inhabit. However, it is impossible to know everything. Musically speaking, we are embarking on a lifelong journey and all of our journeys will be very different! Through music we can develop relationships, build careers, and explore the world around us. If you are prepared to challenge yourself, then I will guide you!



Music is challenging! It is imperative to remember that learning anything new takes time. Especially, when we are engaging our minds and our bodies simultaneously. Guitar is a physical challenge, and it is easy to overlook that. When we look back at things that challenge us that no longer do, then we have leveled up! Music allows us to grow exponentially through our successes! We all learn differently, and the way that we learn is not always going to be the same throughout our lives. I will help discover your learning processes in order to maximize productivity. We all learn at different paces. Some concepts will come naturally, and others will not. This is normal! Patience is a virtue, and you will be able to play and do everything you aspire to with our time together. So, set your goals high!