Uni Projects

The projects below I made during my time at SAE. Please read through my projects and if any grab your attention feel free to download at the bottom of the page.

Solo Projects

Stormy Seas

Our first assignment was to find a piece of art that evoked an emotion. For me that piece was "Mask of Hands" by Rivka Korf. This work made me feel anxious so it seemed fitting to make a platformer where a miss step means the player is dropped into a void. The game has the player jump on precarious platforms, however, the player is constantly being stopped by the light from an ominous lighthouse that stops the player in their tracks. This assignment was made within a week. This taught me a lot about problem solving and rapid prototyping.


For this assignment, we had to make a meaningful game that conveyed a message. My game demonstrated time management. To create this effect I had the player take the form of a brain cell running around a brain and interacting with three core parts of the game development process. These are coding, scope and bug testing. The goal of the game is to finish the assignment before time runs out. To make progress the player needs to code by rapidly pressing keys in the allocated area. However, if there are bugs, the amount of progress made per keypress is reduced from 1 percent to 0.5 percent. The scope constantly reduces the progress which simulates the added tasks required as the game scope increases.

Tech Noir

Tech Noir is a 3D point and clicks in a cyberpunk setting with a style reminiscent of the noir genre. The game has the player follow Arlo Crane as he tracks down the person who stole his sisters' vital heart implant. The game has the player investigating the city and using the tools at their disposal. This assignment was the first time I’ve had a longer period of time to work on a project. This game took ten weeks to make and was displayed at a showcase for SAE. This was a project that used all of the skills I have gathered as well as learn how to use new software as I worked.

Team Projects

Greed Is God

Greed is God is a multi-player 3D dungeon crawler that has the player compete for gold scattered around the dungeon. While the team can cooperate there are benefits to being in the lead as well as risks. Some benefits are that you do more damage and the camera focuses on you rather than split between the player letting you take the lead.

Save Dave

Save Dave is a tower defense game that takes place inside the body of Dave. The player is tasked with placing medical tools to fight diseases. For this project I was primarily in charge of the art and some of which is seen below.

Water Serpent

Water Serpent is a 2D isometric arcade style game where the player or players takes control of a serpent that has to maintain the land by putting out fires and redirecting floods. The game was originally influenced by the Aboriginal dream time story of the rainbow snake. The game is pitched to be a mini game housed on a not for profit wildlife conservation website to improve engagement. I believe this model has merit and could be a useful teaching tool about the need to take care of the environment.

Try me.

Below are most of the games I have mentioned feel free to give them a try. All you need to do is download the zip folder and extract the files and then you're good to go.