Visual Effects Showcase



The water shader is the most complex shader I have made so far. It's made of three main parts, UV maps, a displacement map and colouring.

The UV maps add the subtle smaller ripples that keep the water from looking stagnant and makes light reflections unique. this is done with two similar UV maps that move in opposite directions

To create the wave effect I made a displacement out of a fog tile that I have stretched, this gives an organic feel since waves are inconsistent and un-even.

I'm still tinkering with colouring. and I will more of an emission so that shadows don't completely remove colour. I also plan to add contact foam for when in interacts with the environment.

Green Portal

I wanted to give this shader the look of a liquid portal. This was achieved with a simple UV map as well as second pooling effect that is slightly darker and flows away from its center. I intend to play around interesting ways to make fairly common game assets to see what kind of unique spin I can put on it.

Blue Orb

Like the Green Portal I gave the shader a simple UV map the most notable effect is the pulsing center. this was achieved by inverting a Fresnel effect and lerping between a higher and lower negative.

The red orb has similar effect however the reflective smoothness is inverted so that light is absorbed instead of reflected.

Particle VFX

Red orb Smoke

Particle VFX are made of particle systems. each system has three main components the first decides the the trajectory and speed along the XYZ Axis. The second is the update which mainly decides the constraints of the particle. Lastly the output which controls how it looks and interacts with the environment one it is made.

For this effect I added gravity and bounce the output to add weight to the particles. The main difference between the two systems is that one fires particles downwards rather than outwards.

Camp Fire

This effect uses three separate systems, Flame, Smoke and Embers. The flame system particles have a short lifetime and fast speed. The smoke has the opposite qualities, with slow speed and longer lifetime. lastly the Ember has a short lifetime and fast speed, it also has low spawn rate.

Full list & Download

Some assets are a work in progress and not included below is a full list of assets. As well as an up to date downloadable files.

Shader Showcase asset list