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Communication/dissemination events for general public with partially results of the project

Our partner University of Belgrade - Faculty of Architecture attended 1st CREATIVE DANUBE national student workshop at Golubac Fortress

First time in completely renewed Golubac Fortress! 45 students from the 4th and 5th year of the academic studies and staff from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade attended the 1st "CREATIVE DANUBE" national student workshop in Golubac in February 27, 2020. All participants from Belgrade also visited several other important locations in Golubac and met local experts, with whom they a fruitful discussion relating the development prospects of the town.

The students of the fourth year of integrated studies from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade had Golubac Town as a DANUrB and Erasmus+ polygon to research and design during the last semester. Their ideas, visions, and projects were presented on the submission day as a sort of remote exhibition due to Covid-19 circumstances. This unusual event included also a joint distance meeting, where students gave the final explanations about their projects in a friendly atmosphere.

Sara Stanković and Marko Jovanović, the students of the final year of studies at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade presented their master theses and projects at 16th Summer School of Urbanism, organised by Serbian Town Planner Association, an associate partner in “CREATIVE DANUBE” Project. The topic of both theses and projects were related to the urban regeneration of Golubac through culture, heritage, and tourism.

Dr. Bálint Kádár, in his capacity as Project Lead for Interreg DTP project dubbed DANUrB+ disseminated the DANUBIAN SMCs Erasmus+ project at the 8th INTERNATIONAL DANUBE CONFERENCE ON CULTURE „Shaping Solidarity by Culture“, 30th of October 2020, Schallaburg Castle, Lower Austria. Bálint Kádár presented the Erasmus+ partnership, its goals and workshop for a regional audience from the Danube Region consisting of cultural entrepreneurs, partners from other cultural projects involving the Danube, regional organizations, and their audience.

Urban professionals in Serbia traditionally gather at the main event of Serbian urbanism –International exhibition of Urbanism, held on November 8 each year. This year was a bit different due to Covid-19 pandemic, so participants attended the exhibition online. Three best student works from the urban design studio from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade included in “CREATIVE DANUBE” Project and with the research polygon in Golubac Town were exhibited. Student participation was supported by Serbian Town Planner Association, an associate partner in this Erasmus+ KA203 project

Stan, A., Harmanescu, M (2021). Abandoned lands in small and medium sized cities situated on Southern and Lower Danube’s urban fronts, as opportunity to enhance the river urban green infrastructure (UGI) in Urban Services to Ecosystems: Green Infrastructure Benefits from the Landscape to the Urban Scale, Catalano, C., Andreucci, M.B., Guarino, R., Bretzel, F., Leone, M., Pasta, S. (Eds.), Springer: Nature.

Between January 10, 2021 and February 10, 2021, in UAUIM-FU took place the evaluation of the semester students projects and works, carried out within the DANUBIAN SMCs ErasmusPlus and DANURB + project.

Both students in the 1st cycle of the bachelor's degree and of the master's degree participated and carried out interesting projects. The topics they had to answer were designed by the tenured professors of UAUIM, under the coordination of the DANURB+ team, responding to the research objectives of the project. Even if we are still under the restrictions imposed by the pandemic situation, Giurgiu and Calarasi as the 2 pilot cities of UAUIM’s team within DANURB + were individually or in small groups visited in situ, both by students, and professors,thus completing the information obtained through desk research. In addition to the coordinating professors, both members of the DANURB + team and representatives of the municipalities of the case-studies cities took part in some of these projects presentations.

Krklješ M., Reba D., Carević Tomić M., Medenica Todorović R., Nedučin D. (2021): EXPERIENCES WITH THE IMPLEMENTATION OF INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, XXVII Skup TRENDOVI RAZVOJA: “ON LINE NASTAVA NA UNIVERZITETIMA”, Novi Sad on line platforma MS Teams, 15 - 18. 02. 2021., ISBN: 978-86-6022-313-7, str. 363-366

4th year students Bc. degree of study and 1st and 2nd year of the MSc. degree study during the winter semester, they completed assignments aimed at transforming small and medium-sized towns on the Danube as part of research on the DANUrB + project and the Erasmus + Creative Danube project .... They presented their projects virtually, due to the Covid 19 pandemics. The works of the students are at the same time published on a virtual tour on the website of the Faculty of Architecture design STU and available to local governments as a basis for their strategies disisions regarding the transformation of the areas addressed.

The workshop participant Oto Nováček works closely with the office of the Bratislava Metropolitan Institute, which is a conceptual workplace of the local government (the capital city of Bratislava) in the field of architecture, spatial planning, participation and strategic planning. He will use his knowledge gained from the workshop in creating concepts of public spaces in Bratislava.

Other participants apply the acquired knowledge to their dissertations, which are focused on methodologies supporting the improvement of the quality of public space. Their works are carried out with the aim of application in practice. Doctoral students as practicing architects can use the acquired knowledge in their implemented projects for Slovak cities and municipalities.

Mihaela Harmanescu, Angelica Stan (2021) Learning, Teaching through Technology and Innovation in Landscape and Urban Planning Education for Danubian Small And Medium Sized Cities, ECLAS 2021