As a fifth generation Californian, I am deeply attached to our coast; as a scientist, I am committed to understanding our relationships with it. My research focuses on Coastography and my lab group at CSU Channel Islands is the Coastography Lab.

Within this domain, I have a number of projects, all examining the human dimensions of coastal resources: how we affect them and how they affect us:

Here are some recent publications from some these projects:

  • Reineman, Wedding, Hartge, McEvry, & Reiblich. 2016. “Coastal Access Equity and the Implementation of the California Coastal Act.” Stanford Environmental Law Journal 36: 89-108. (view article)
  • Reineman, Thomas, & Caldwell. 2017. Using local knowledge to project the impacts of sea level rise on wave resources in California. Ocean and Coastal Management 138: 181-191. (view article)
  • Reineman. 2016. The utility of surfers' wave knowledge for coastal management. Marine Policy 67: 139-147. (view article)

Prior to my current work my focus was below mean tide.

noun | coast·og·ra·phy | \ˈkōst ä-grə-fē \

1 : the science of the coast and its interconnected social-ecological systems.

2 : the study of coastal sustainability.