This is my preferred social media account.

I regularly post musical content, whether it be gear from BOSS and other great musical gear companies, or sometimes original music.

Sometimes weird. Sometimes memes.

Retrologists is a variety show and community with a passion for breaking down the intricacies of the various. You can most often find us on Twitch. Hosts PJ and Danny are also an asset to be called upon if your content is needing a professional "zjoosh".

I love filming videos and streaming.

Generally you will find my videos on YouTube or Twitch.

You may see me around on other channels demonstrating BOSS gear on YouTube, Facebook, and other places.

Join the Discord server! This is a place to chat all things retro, pop culture, music and gear, or whatever you want!

Follow me on Twitter, please.

I release music I've made on Bandcamp.

I work as a Product Manager for BOSS. We make tools for musicians and creators.