Danny Underwood. That's me. I hand make tube amplifiers as Underwood Amplification, and I am a musician that writes and produces wonky music. I play guitar and keys, sing and am a proficient recording and live sound engineer.

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click the bandcamp logo to check out my released music. Including a song about my dead dog ,and snakes.

home of Underwood Amplification, we don't produce a lot, but when we do... MAGIC

Services offered: hand built point to point tube amplifiers (sometimes effects pedals) , taking repairs on a case by case basis.

combined instagram for me and Underwood Amplification.

demos on youtube of Underwood Amplifiers as well as demos of other gear.

I periodically twitch stream my two passions, creating music and playing my Xbox!

main point of contact for me on Facebook. I write and produce music, I build and fix things.

Services offered: singer/guitarist, guitar technician, live sound engineer, audio production