Daniel McKelvey is a forward-thinker and innovative entrepreneur. His passions are solar energy, educational technology, and travel. He believes in embracing technology to achieve a brighter future.

Daniel McKelvey believes in the powerful potential of solar energy technology. He knows that converting solar power into reusable energy will have a tremendous impact on the world. The successful introduction of wind farms (areas of land where large windmills and wind turbines gather energy) has proven that there are effective ways to use and conserve energy without depleting the planet’s natural resources. This win in energy technology pushes Daniel McKelvey to search for new innovations in the field.

Taking an active role in advancing solar energy technology, Daniel McKelvey is a current member of the Solar Energies Industry Association (SEIA). SEIA is a national nonprofit solar energy trade association. The nonprofit seeks to strengthen and advance the solar energy industry through advocacy and educational efforts.

Daniel McKelvey EdCast

A strong supporter of making education and learning accessible to all, Daniel McKelvey is proud to have worked with EdCast. Founded in 2013, EdCast is an innovative platform that offers hundreds of courses online. In the era of the internet, education has become more accessible than ever. EdCast relies on that notion to provide lessons to individuals all over the world. The company works with businesses and programs to offer reachable and comprehensive modes of education. EdCast’s innovative technology relies on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics. The platform strives to educate participants by weaving together internal content and expert insights to offer valuable real-world lessons and knowledge. The technology has been used by big names like GE, Sprint, Dell and more.

More than just a believer in the power and impact of EdCast, Daniel McKelvey stood as the VP of Sales and Cloud Services from 2013 to 2017.


A family man, Daniel McKelvey enjoys going on annual vacations with his family. The family’s favorite and most frequent destination is New Hampshire -- more specifically, the winding slopes of New Hampshire’s gorgeous ski mountains.

Daniel McKelvey grew up in New Hampshire. Though he’s strayed away over the years, his heart still remains in northern New England. That’s why he loves to travel up to New Hampshire’s mountains for some family fun whenever he gets the chance!

While studying at the University of New Hampshire, Daniel McKelvey developed a passion for skiing. Years later, the active love still remains. Determined to keep active, healthy, and fit, he pencils a ski trip into his schedule every single year. He regularly embarks on adventures on his favorite trails which can be found on the slopes of:

  • Loon Mountain
  • Bretton Woods
  • Wildcat Mountain
  • Black Mountain
Daniel McKelvey Skiing