Daniel Magyar

3D Filmmaker

I'm a Realtime Filmmaker with 23 years of experience, including contributing to a BAFTA winner. I excel in Film post-production tasks and all VFX work, including 3D character and facial animation. I specialize in Unreal Engine, along with proficiency in 3ds Max, V-Ray, and Adobe tools, notably After Effects.

Equipped with my own Xsens mocap suit, Manus Quantum meta-gloves, and an iPhone for face capturing, I'm fully prepared for any work.

Latest Featured Content | Unreal Engine

The Fortunate Son | 3D Animated Shortmovie

Join us on a high-stakes mission to save the life of an American President in the 70s, as we travel back in time using an experimental time machine. Can you handle the pressure? Help bring this exciting 3D short to life and be a part of the action. Please have a look at these previews of the upcoming film, and if you liked what you saw, please visit the film's website for more information about it!

Synopsis of the movie.

In the autumn of 2035 an American general makes a special offer to the Convict serving his sentence, and if he accepts the offer and carries out the mission, he can regain his freedom: he can be the fortunate son.

The mission relates to the assassinations of US President Gerald Ford in September 1975, 60 years earlier.

The secret operation is complicated by the fact that the Convict is leaving in an experimental time machine, and no one can be sure when or where he will arrive, and whether the mission will be successful.

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