Daniel Payne Media & Technology Writer

I've been a freelance writer, video, and web person since 1988. My passion is technology, whether it's the latest cameras or cutting-edge ways the internet is used to improve medicine. However, I refuse to have a Facebook (or Instagram) account, and I still read *gasp* printed books.

I write for Internet News Flash and am helping with the online resurrection of Digital Content Creators Magazine, last published in the late '90s. That, along with editing a few tech manuals keeps me busy in my semiretirement. If you're looking for a freelancer, I'm happy to refer you to someone, but after a life of bylines reading "staff" or handling corporate technical writing, I'm interested in publishing for myself. If you're looking for nonwriting services, please reach out to Push ROI; they are the design and YouTube channel management vendor I'm most likely to recommend.

Selected work (I wrote a thing)

My Blog (some personal news)

Regrettably, I lost my website's domain name. It's now a spam blog about healthcare. I'll attempt to migrate my old blog posts to Medium or something. The loss of my many personal blogs hurts, and for some reason my site (link here) is not archived from 2019 to 2021. So unless I have backups those old posts are now just gone.

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