DT Creators hub

You produce or own Dance Music video content? Reach a qualified audience of Dance Music consumers on all distribution platforms, screen sizes and devices!

Content Requirements for DT distribution

DT reserves the right to select all content submitted by content owners to be distributed on the plaftorm. Each video ingested and distributed involves costs and time for DT. Therefore we limit the amount of submitable content to keep things manageable. As we grow, that limit would increase.

Content Dos

  • DJ/Live sets, Music Video, Interview, Event VLOG, Tutorial, Documentary, etc...
  • HD video (7Mbits minimum)
  • HQ audio
  • Multi-camera/angle setup
  • Edited or quality checked for 'live recordings'
  • Interesting environment / visuals

Content Don'ts

  • Low resolution / ripped file
  • 1 camera angle
  • Still image music video
  • Grainy footage

Where will my content be distributed?

DT commits to use all means at its disposal (technical and expertise) to expand and optimize your video content distribution.

Based on content type, content and quality we will assess with you the best distribution plan for each piece. End users can watch DT on traditional cable TV, mobile apps, TV apps, web browser and social media. Check this page to find out more about the distribution assets you can leverage for your videos.

What do I get from it?

Apart from reach and eyeballs from the DT audience to grow your own content brand we will build for you a personal profile hosting: your bio, content and social medias.

We are working on developing new features like profile subscription, affiliate sales, 'tipping', advertising revenue share, etc...

All our apps have a 'Community' section, giving a premium placement for all content submitted to the DT Creators Hub.

*notify DT users

How can I promote further my videos?

Always stay on top on the feed via ‘Featured’ and ‘Sponsored’ content placement. Mobilise our media partners network to push your content even further to new audiences internationally. Contact us.