Teaching Philosophy

Everything I learned about life, I learned through dance. Only as an adult, did I realize most of my life lessons were connected to dance in some way. Teamwork, social skills, responsibility, work ethic, discipline, commitment, perseverance, patience, and respect for oneself and others are a few of the skills I learned through dance.

I believe a well-rounded dance education delivered within a safe, positive and nurturing environment, provides all students opportunities to participate in, experience, understand, and value the language and art of dance, as well as provides an opportunity to educate the whole person by stimulating the mind, body and spirit. As a teacher, I use dance skills as not only a way to open a creative door for students to express themselves, but as way for students to discover themselves as individuals, and understand the importance of becoming life-long learners.

I am sensitive to students individual needs; developmentally, physically, socially, culturally and intellectually, and with this knowledge, I utilize the wealth of my experiences coupled with different teaching strategies to explain dance technique, provide historic parallels in class exercises, and make every effort to enhance students' exposure to all facets of the dance field. Using "real world" tasks, I take students from the beginning steps of learning and creating a dance work, to putting it on a stage, which is a challenging and rewarding experience that helps students understand all aspects of careers in dance, and the value of teamwork in working toward a collective goal. I am passionate about dance for that reason; it allows so many different opportunities to learn about oneself, the world around you, and ways to maneuver through that world. Whatever my students’ passions may be, I hope to instill them with the skills and courage to move forth and grow toward these passions, so they may reach their potential in whatever path they choose in life.

Andrea Guadagno-Mychaels, EdM, MFA