K-12 Classroom

In the K-12 Classroom

Lesson Plan

Guadagno- Create and Manipulate Lesson Plan - Revision 2012.pdf

Unit Plan

GUADAGNO Mychaels -NJDOE Unit Plan and Cirriculum Map- FINAL.pdf



WHS peer assessment -Choreographic Process


WHS Dance Self_assessment.pdf

Work Sheets /Projects

WHS Senior Choreography Project 2011-2012.pdf
WHS Senior Project Worksheets 1 and 2.pdf
WHS Dance 4 non senior project.pdf

Sample Student Work

Classroom Tools

Created by WHS Visual Arts Students

Inclusive teaching:

I believe in celebrating and valuing differences in the classroom, and I am able to differentiate instruction to help all students discover the uniquely personal art form of dance.

Guadagno-Mychaels Behavior Plan.pdf

Classroom Management:

Classroom Management is the key component in any educational setting. If students are in a physically and mentally safe, respectful environment, then learning can take place. Even though I see each student as an individual learner, I provide a set of expectations and ground rules for all students, which promotes a safe, nurturing and productive environment conducive to learning.

Guadagno-mychaels- Classroom Management Plan 2012.pdf

Professional Development:

As a life long learner, I am excited about learning not only for career purposes, but to constantly grow as an individual. I continually strive to increase my content knowledge as well as build upon my teaching strategies so I am more effective in the classroom.

Guadagno Mychaels- Professional Development plan.pdf