Dance Move Challenge

by Melanie Levenberg and Becky Foellmer


1. Scroll to project the purple section below so students can find the dance move that they'll be doing.

2. Students roll either 1 die or 2 and add them up.

3. Choose how long to have them practice the move (20 sec, 30 sec, or 45 sec) and start the timer!

If you don't have dice for the students, included below is a coin flip (to determine 1 die or 2) and the dice to roll!

Hint: view in full screen to see the activities along with the timers on a Chromebook. (Hit the full screen button again to get out of it.)

Coin Flip/Dice Roll

Coin Flip/Dice Roll

If coin flip is heads you will roll 2 dice.If coin flip is tails you will roll 1 die.
Dance Move Challenge
20 Second Timer w music.mp4

20 Second Timer

30 Second Timer w music.mp4

30 Second Timer

45 Seconds Countdown Timer w music.mp4

45 Second Timer