Relentless SMS

Probably the only real working SMS bomber on the net, with free download and with features, that isn't a total trainwreck.

Relentless SMS is a Windows application that has the capability to send thousands of text messages to any given target. There are criminals/scammers/morons who are dumb enough to use their personal cell numbers for their scams. This is for those idiots who are just that stupid. Send them some messages and shut them down. Being a scammer isn't cool :(

Relentless SMS Screenshot of the application, designed to SMS bomb and DOS some cell phones.

Relentless SMS V3.8.140 11/23/2023

The Windows version. Only Here. Nowhere else. Brand New. Free and Zero Cost with Zero ads.

 RelentlessSMS is a powerful tool that allows users to send anti-crime (or even positive affirmations) messages to phone numbers of their choosing. Here's how it works:

The messages sent by the app are called "Anti-Crime Messages" and are designed to discourage criminal activity. Examples of these messages include (but not limited to):

If the target number is a cellular carrier like T-Mobile, AT&T, or Telus, sending messages is best done through Email to SMS or even better, SpamSend. Users can append their phone number with to send an email to the subscriber's text notification. This method doesn't cost anything because it's email-based. For example, if it's a T-Mobile number of 672-887-4412, you would Email to SMS that target at Everything goes to their cell phone as another, new text message. 

For Email to SMS, the key is to have as many email addresses as possible. Sending one message from 100 email addresses will keep the recipient busy for a while versus sending 100 messages from only five email addresses. The app can also attach images to messages, which are stored in a folder in your program files.The end goal for you, the user, is to get as many email addresses as you can to send from. That's the key.

The SpamSend function sends the target email address to hundreds upon hundreds of mailman services worldwide, resulting in approx. one message per second when maxxed out. Leave RSMS up for 72 hours straight and make your point known with spam to your target. Each one will be a new, unique incoming message so each one needs to be blocked. You can expect thousands of text messages per 24 hours. Just turn up the number if instances. If you have tons-o-RAM- then take it up to 100 if you want. 10-25 is like a "steady drip" and 75, which is the most common, is a steady, annoying stream of incoming messages at about one per minute.

Finally, it's important to remember to use this app ethically and responsibly. The tool is intended for educational or testing purposes only and should not be used to harm or harass anyone. It's critical to research and verify your target before using this tool, as using it on someone without proper justification can have severe legal consequences. No one here is responsible for anything you do with this. If you download this, it's 100% on you. No warranty and no license, 100% proof-of-concept & 100% freeware. In fact, don't bother downloading it. It's use is pretty much illegal, anyways no matter what way you look at it.