Daisy's Shepherds

German Shepherd Puppies born June 14th, 2019

7 males and 2 females

Available for homing between NOW

Each puppy has its own page and will be updated weekly.

Located in Houston, TX

One Day Old - Babies hungry, mom tired

1 Week Old

Colored collars to indicate which puppy is which. They look so much alike right now. Peacefully sleeping

2 Weeks Old - Still just eating, sleeping and growing.

2 Weeks Old - Still just eating, sleeping and growing.

3 Weeks Old - Eyes open and on the move!!

(Just a little sleepy right now)

4 Weeks Old

<-- First visit outside

First visit to the vet for

deworming and weigh in. -->

5 Weeks Old

Eating Purina ProPlan Large Breed Puppy food (soaked in water) Water bowl always available.

Starting to potty train with puppy pads.

  • After a few tries - they are using it!! Although some are thinking they are, but are missing at the edge.
  • Puppy pads are replaced OFTEN!
  • They will try to play with it and rip it.
  • They will also try to lay on it -- ughh.

Also, they are outgrowing pen and have learned to climb over the mommy ledge, so upgrade with more space coming soon.

I think I see mommy coming.....

6 Weeks Old

Playtime at the dog park. We even made a new friend!