Deployable AI (DAI)

Workshop at AAAI-2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved into a vast interdisciplinary research area and we have reached an era where AI is beginning to be deployed as real-world solutions across various sectors/domains. Moving to a wider scope of deployment of the AI models into the real world is not just a simple question of translational research and engineering but also requires several fundamental research questions and issues, involving algorithmic, systemic and societal aspects, to be addressed. Therefore, it is crucial to carry out progressive research in the domain of Deployable AI and how the various deployability aspects with respect to AI models can ensure positive impacts on the society.

The 1st Workshop of Deployable AI (DAI 2023) will be co-located at AAAI 2023 conference. The goal of this workshop is to bring together AI (fundamental and applied) researchers, domain experts from multiple disciplines and computer/software architects in a single venue to enable and enhance research in getting AI models ready to be deployed in the real world. The workshop is organized by faculty members and researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras and supported by Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and AI (RBCDSAI).

Call for Participation

We invite submissions from participants who can contribute to theory and techniques/strategies to ensure adherence of the various aspects of the deployability of AI models. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Deployable AI- concepts and Models

  2. Explainable and Interpretable AI

  3. Human-in-the-loop AI

  4. Online Learning and Transfer Learning

  5. Few Shot Learning Model

  6. Fairness and Ethics in AI

  7. Safety Security and Privacy in AI

  8. Cryptography and AI

  9. Responsible AI

  10. Integrity and Robustness in AI

  11. Computational Scalability and Reliability in AI

  12. AI on Edge Devices

  13. Distill and Lightweight AI Models

  14. Learning from Drifting Data Distributions

  15. AI Models and Social Impact

Papers will be presented in poster format and some will be selected for oral presentation. Through invited talks and presentations by the participants, this workshop will bring together current advances in Deployable AI, and set the stage for continuing interdisciplinary research discussions.