Are you looking to add power frunk and/or trunk to your Tesla?

  • World's first Tesla Power Frunk and Power Trunk, German imported spring material, aluminum alloy casing, high-quality motor, 100% pre-shipment quality inspection, 2-year warranty.
  • Version 3 wiring harness so no need to connect to the CAN bus. Opening and closing can be done from the Tesla phone application, touch screen, and also the key fob. Note that the Frunk cannot be closed from the touch screen, it can only be opened. You can close the Frunk with the OEM button and the Trunk kit comes with a button to close trunk. The optional foot sensor for the Trunk, comes in handy when your hands are full! The open and close status can be viewed for both the Frunk and Trunk in the phone application.
  • A variety of control methods: original car screen button, tailgate button, smartphone, smartwatch, foot sensor, etc.
  • Hansshow offers 24 hours after sales support at +1 9123304283

Visit and use promo code: teslamarty for 15% off and enjoy free shipping! You should get your item(s) in ~5-7 days!

If you need installation in the Los Angeles area, click the button to book an appointment! I’m near Downtown LA and don’t have a facility to work out of so I will come to your location to install your kit(s). It is preferable that you have a well-lit and ventilated area. If you don't see a date/time that works for you, send me an email to see if we can work something out.

I can also connect you with other authorized installers, should our schedule not align.

Teslajoy's review

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Just washed my car!

...and showing off the power frunk & tailgate!

Frunk install

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