D1 Maricopa is a Rip-off!

My son played for this team and they rarely made any substitutions at the games. My son only played about 1 play each game for D1. Most of those plays were on special teams. I would be more understanding if he had never played football before but this was actually his fifth season playing football for various teams in Maricopa. Coach Demond Williams is only driven by his ego. He seeks out lopsided victories instead of player development. Oftentimes, the score would be 28-0 or even higher and he would still be focused on playing his 11 best players.

There are plenty of opportunities to put second string players into a game. You can put kids in on the side of the play opposite of which direction you plan to move the ball. For example, if you're going to run the ball to the right, you can put a second string player at left side wide receiver and tell him to stalk block the cornerback. If he doesn't do his task well, it's of little consequence to the actual play. However, if he shows he can handle his assignment well, you can start playing that kid closer to the direction of the play. For this reason, I don't buy any excuse from a coach as to why a child can't play in just about any given play. Especially if it's a situation like 2nd down and short yardage, which there was plenty of this season. Like I said, this team was producing lopsided victories. However, it would likely bruise Coach Williams ego if the other team somehow managed to score on defense or if the other team stopped the drive.

The sad thing is that this is an easy fix for D1 and Coach Williams. His assistant coaches should be instructed to make substitutions based on the play he's calling. For example, if the play is a dive to the right, the offensive line coach can send a second string player to left side tackle. The coach for the backs/receivers can sub out a wide receiver on the left, etc. Coach William's assistant coaches are talented enough to be able to make these substitutions during the game if Coach will allow it. They have excellent composure during the game and don't appear overwhelmed by their duties. I don't feel that this is a situation where the coaches are too overwhelmed to make substitutions, its just a refusal to do so. Coach Williams is also the head coach at Sequoia Pathway and its foreseeable that many of the kids he's coaching may one day be playing for him at the high school level. If that's the case, he would stand to benefit from developing as many of his youth players as possible because he's going to need more than 11 players on his high school roster when these kids are old enough to play that level.

I sincerely hope he changes. Maricopa needs more outlets for kids to play sports. Right now, though, D1 feels like a clique and if you're not one of his 11 best players, you're not part of that clique. If he wants to try to remedy this situation, he should refund us our season costs. However, that doesn't fix things for the other parents and players that feel slighted by his actions. That's why I want to see him check his ego and focus more on player development.