Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring in the Rockford, IL area


Erik Czerwin - About Me

  • Master's Degree in Reading Instruction, Aurora University
  • Bachelor's Degree in English - Secondary Education, Bradley University
  • Certified Reading Specialist (K-12)
  • Certified Illinois High School Teacher

For more information or to set up an initial consultation, please contact me by e-mail at

Please use the phrase "Private Tutoring" in the subject line.


I tutor students in most subject areas; specifically:

  • Testing - ACT specialty
  • English Language Arts - Writing, Grammar, Literature study
  • Reading - Readers of all levels that want help, from beginning readers to literature analysis
  • Mathematics - Geometry, Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Arithmetic, and Basic Statistics
  • Science - Biology, Ecology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Social Studies - History, Civics, Government, Psychology, Sociology
  • Study Skills - help students manage their learning with organization
  • Chess - Beginner players through approximately 1200 USCF rating (2012 ICCA Chess Coach of the Year)


Every student that struggles could use a little extra help. Sometimes that extra help isn't available in their institution for education. What I offer is a one-on-one personal tutoring experience unmatched anywhere else. I strive to customize the educational experience for each student, to tailor each session to the student's individual needs. With years of experience teaching in a high school classroom, I have found that one-on-one sessions are the most effective way to deliver high-quality instruction. I've taught students from 3rd grade through 12th grade, from struggling students through honors students. This diverse background gives me the ability to meet the needs of any student that is willing to learn. I've also worked as an ACT tutor at a major Test-Prep program and within my professional institutions. I've never found these prescribed programs to be the most effective means of reaching students. I've always felt restricted by their specific demands, and as a private tutor, I can completely customize test prep to the individual student.


My goal with each student is to achieve the student's goals as quickly, and as efficiently, as possible. My goal is to help you reach your goals with as little help from me as possible. Indeed, my goal is to teach myself out of a job....

An initial consultation will help me establish what each client is looking for and how we can get there. After we establish the student's goals, I will make a suggested educational plan, and we will arrange for meeting times.


I'm available weekday evenings, weekends, and weekdays over the summer


I'm willing to travel in and around the Rockford, IL, area. Specific meeting locations can vary for each client.

How much?

My prices are flexible and vary depending on the student's needs. Charges are hourly and payable in cash or check.

Please contact me for a free initial consultation where we can work together to assess your needs, how to meet those needs, and arrange payment options.

For more information or to set up an initial consultation, please contact me by e-mail at

Please use the phrase "Private Tutoring" in the subject line.