British Literature

Guilford High School - English 12

General Information:

  • Course Syllabus here
  • Google Classroom will be used for Daily Poetry and all Assignment postings - Classroom Code: pzd8r7
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Q1 Project - Personal Statement

  • How can we create a self-description (profile) that influences others see us in the best possible light?
    • Utilize literary devices in a personal statement to create a "hire-worthy" personal statement.

Literary Content: Early British Literature

  • Defining British Literature, "Hero"
  • Anglo-Saxon Literature
  • Beowulf

Q2 Project -

Literary Content: Middle Ages British Literature

  • Definining Middles Ages Literature, "Honor"
  • Canterbury Tales - Prologue, Wife of Bath's Tale, Pardonner's Tale
  • Robin Hood
  • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Q3 Project -

Literary Content: Renaissance British Literature

  • Definining Renaissance Literature, revisit Hero & Honor
  • Shakespeare Sonnets
  • Macbeth
  • Reading and Writing Literary Criticism
  • Socratic Seminar

Q4 Project -

Literary Content: British Authors 1660-1960

  • Revisit definition of British Literature
  • Independent Study, Author Presentation Project
  • Summative Reflections