AP Literature & Composition

Guilford High School - English 12

General Information:

  • Course Syllabus here
  • Google Classroom will be used for Daily Poetry and all Assignment postings - Classroom Code: kaxn18g
  • Sign up for the Remind app text message communication: text "@CzAPLit" to 81010

Ongoing Assignments

  • Critical Reading Journal (Right Side/Left Side)
  • Daily Poetry Analysis
  • Quarterly Socratic Seminar Summative Assessments
  • Quarterly Critical Reading Journal Conferences

Essential Questions:

  1. What is a Critical Reader?
    • What do critical readers do and how can I develop those skills?
  2. What is Literature?
    • What are the elements of various forms/genre of literature and how are they used to produce literary art?

Q1 - Poetry

  • Defining and becoming a Critical Reader
  • Situation, Sound, Structure, Imagery, Figurative Language, and Tone of Poetry
  • Literary Criticism Essay Writing (Poetry)

Q2 - Prose Fiction

  • Developing Critical Reading Skills
  • Elements and Structures of Ficiton
  • Characterization
  • Historical Context of Literature
  • Literary Criticism Essay Writing (Prose)

Q3 - Lengthy Works

  • Cementing Critical Reading Skills
  • Elements and Structures of Drama and Novel
  • Developing thesis and support
  • Literary Criticism Essay Writing (Whole-Text)

Q4 - AP Test Preparation

  • Testing Skills
  • Repeated Practice
  • Critical self-Evaluation