The Mustang Strength and Conditioning program is developed around the following principles: specificity, overload, variation and progression. These principles are applied to enhance the athlete's ability to perform during competition and to decrease the risk of injury.

  1. Speed: Our primary concern is to develop the maximum amount of speed possible for each athlete, while maintaining correct running form. Emphasizing acceleration during lateral movement and overall quickness.
  2. Power: Applying maximum force, in the shortest period of time possible, is vital for all athletes. The combination of speed and strength should be developed to coincide with each other as much as possible.
  3. Agility: Regardless of the sport, being able to change direction quickly with explosiveness, while maintaining balance, is critical.
  4. Endurance: Being able to sustain maximum power on each play for the entire competition is crucial. Therefore endurance and general conditioning is vital.

The strength program will focus on ground-based, three-dimensional, multi-joint movements and Olympic-style lifting techniques. Each speed, agility and conditioning program will be specific to that athlete's sport. The goal is to transfer what the athlete is doing in the speed, strength and conditioning program on to the field of competition. Athletes will also be educated on proper nutritional habits, the importance of hydration, and benefits of rest and recovery for optimal gains.