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Annelid Vision - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Neuroscience.pdf

Harley CM, Asplen, M. (2018) Annelid Vision. Oxford Encyclopedia of Neuroscience

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Thompson, Harley, Et. al.pdf

* Thompson, KJ, Harley, CM^, Barthel, GM, Sanders, MA, and Mesce, KA (2015) Plasmon Resonance and the imaging of metal-impregnated neurons with the laser scanning confocal microscope. Elife 4:e09388

^co-first author

Martin et al 2015.pdf

* Martin, JP, Guo, PG, Mu, L, Harley, CM, Ritzman, RE (2015) Central-complex control of movement in the freely walking cockroach. Current Biology, 25: 2795-2803

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Auletta, A, Rue, M.C P, Harley, CM, Mesce, K. A. (2019) The Anatomical Distribution Pattern of Dopaminergic Neurons in the Central Nervous System of the Wolf Spider, Hogna lenta (Araneae: Lycosidae) J. Comp Neurol. In revision

Harley, CM, Edgerton, J., Auletta, A (2019) "To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate: A Classroom Activity illustrating Herd Immunity" CourseSource (submitted)